Living Well Sefton Community Resilience Grant Application - Round 2


Living Well Sefton is coordinated by Sefton CVS, Charity number 1024546
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Organisational application

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The next section asks you questions about your project idea

Tell us about your project idea

What is the name of your project?

What are you aiming to do and why? (300 characters)

How will your project actively engage local people in making positive changes to their health and wellbeing in our communities? (900 characters)

What will the outcomes of the project be? (900 characters)

When do you expect the project to start and finish? (300 characters)

Who will mainly benefit from your project? Tick at least one.

Does your project involve working with vulnerable adults or children?

Do you have a Safeguarding Policy?

Do you have appropriate DBS checks in place?

How much money are you applying for?

If your project is going to cost more than the maximum grant, please tell us where you will get the rest of the money from?

Please provide an itemised breakdown of the project requirements and their likely cost.

Who will be running the activity

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Applicants will be informed of the outcome within 4 weeks of the closing date
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